• Allows the marketing team to pass highly qualified leads to the sales force at the right time
  • Enables marketing to reduce time to build marketing campaigns from three weeks to one day
  • Launched the solution in three weeks with multi-country implementations in two months



Aruba Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, generates a large amount of leads through events and other marketing activities. However, while there is a high volume of lead flow, the company did not have a good system for prioritizing potential buyers before forwarding to sales. Consequently, many leads were dropped or sent to sales far too early in the sales process, thereby wasting a lot of time for both the prospects and the sales team. Aruba Networks not only needed a system that would allow them to send leads to the sales team at the right stage, they also required one that could quickly and efficiently build landing pages and develop marketing campaigns. Further, the company required a global enterprise solution that was consistent across all geographic segments and that was easy to use, and quick to implement.



Aruba Networks chose Marketo for its ease-of-use, intuitive features and fast implementation. Marketo was launched in 21 days to several global teams and within two months they were running multi-country campaigns. Within one month, the product was deployed globally. For the entire company worldwide, the scalability of the system makes it easy for the global team to build customized forms, landing pages, emails and campaigns, which before Marketo, was an extremely cumbersome process. In addition, the seamless integration with Salesforce.com enables Aruba to automate and measure lead nurturing campaigns and lead scoring activities without involving IT.



With Marketo, Aruba Networks is able to accurately measure website engagement, allowing the marketing team to continually monitor, nurture and qualify prospective purchasers before forwarding to the sales force. Before Marketo, building a landing page or marketing campaign was at least a three week process requiring numerous, complicated steps and the involvement of multiple third-party vendors. With Marketo, the process takes less than a day, allowing the marketing team to execute campaigns with less manual effort and enabling them to focus on strategic activities that drive higher marketing ROI.