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  • Seamlessly integrate marketing campaigns and leads with
  • Ability to capture email addresses and better qualify prospects for advisors
  • Higher marketing productivity and ability to track lead sources


Adviser Investments is an independent money management firm providing personalized services to individuals, trusts, institutions and foundations. Before implementing Marketo, the company used a basic software package to broadcast mass emails that could not link with their system. Not only did this keep them from integrating leads from conferences and Webex events, but it also forced them to use Excel to track leads and manually load them into the database. Adviser Investments also had no automated tool to track and qualify prospects. With over 128,000 leads in their database, Adviser Investments needed an effective solution.


With Marketo, Adviser Investments can direct prospects to specific web pages from targeted emails and have them fill out information. If an opportunity arises, marketing can see what steps were taken to bring them to Advisor Investments. They also use Marketo to track webpage activity, capture email addresses and to further qualify prospects. Adviser Investments also plans to use Marketo to launch multiple nurturing campaigns.


Marketo enables Adviser Investments to connect their email system back to and automatically manage all their leads and contacts. They are able to track where leads originate and better identify qualified opportunities. In addition, they can now send targeted emails to specific prospects in the lead database and quickly update information given the seamless integration between and Marketo.