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The Power of Customer-Centric Data

Technology is dramatically reshaping relationships between enterprises and customers. Customer expectations are constantly on the rise. Among the many changes affecting the way customers and brands interact, two trends will change everything about customer behavior and the practice of marketing. The first, which we call "woke customers," requires a shift in thinking about the ownership of customer data and its use for commercial purposes. The second, which we refer to as "programmatic buyers," will drive even more change as it will introduce programmatic control to buyers over content, advertising, and purchasing. Together, these trends represent big threats for disruption and big opportunities for reshaping markets and market leadership. Whether you end up a winner or not will depend on how you respond to these market shifts and change the way you acquire, use, and steward customer data.

Download this report as we explore each of these themes and discover how to harness the power of customer-centric data.

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