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IT's Role in Adding Business Value Through Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Marketing automation software automates a wide range of individual and collaborative activities associated with the various components of the marketing process, including strategic marketing and operational, campaign-related activities. Worldwide revenue for the marketing automation application market was $4.7 billion in 2012, representing growth of 11.8%. The goal of marketing automation is to turn the basic tasks of marketing into discrete activities in an automated fashion while achieving efficiencies in scale. Functionality typically includes customer segmentation and analysis, campaign execution, database and email marketing, lead management, and a wide range of other capabilities. 

In this report, Marketo asked Mary Wardley, vice president of IDC's CRM Applications Software program, to speak to the state of marketing automation today.

Download this report for answers to the following questions:

  • What is marketing automation, and why is it gaining traction now?
  • What are the benefits of marketing automation to companies that use other CRM applications?
  • How does marketing automation help IT provide value to internal customers?
  • What specific benefits can marketing automation bring to IT departments?
  • What should IT buyers look for in a marketing automation supplier?

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