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Workbook: Graduating from Email to Engagement: Using Marketing Automation to Achieve Success with Today's Buyer

With each advance in digital communication and with every new information source, social connection, or mobile device improvement, the customer becomes more powerful. Tactics that captivated buyers yesterday lack luster today. One such out-of-touch tactic is ordinary email. Email remains a core workhorse of communication, but to gain the attention and loyalty of today's discerning buyers — and to avoid irritating them — it must be enhanced with the capability to engage. Communication must be conducted in context, in coordination with the range of communication channels used, and with greater personalization. All companies must now seriously evaluate the timing of their graduation from email to engagement.

This IDC workbook, sponsored by Marketo, has been created to assist companies with that evaluation. The paper describes the rationale for making the decision to graduate and provides detailed, practical guidance on the questions a company needs to ask before moving forward.

Download this report and learn about:

  • The progress toward engaged marketing
  • The need to graduate from email
  • Assessing the operational value of marketing automation
  • Case studies
  • Assessing your readiness for automated engagement
  • And more!

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