Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Increase Share of Wallet and Customer Lifetime Value

Cross sell is when your customer buys additional products or services in categories different to the ones they already have. Upsell is when the customer buys a more expensive version of an existing product or service, or they add features that make it more expensive. Both strategies are a profitable path to revenue since it can be 8-10 times more expensive to acquire new customers than to sell additional products to ones you already have. And, the more products customers have, the higher your share of wallet — and the more likely they are to stay with you.

With Marketo’s upsell and cross sell solutions you can:

  • Automate personalized, cross-channel dialogs that educate and engage customers over time
  • Score customers based on propensity to buy specific products and features
  • Leverage the power of peer-to-peer interactions to give a social boost to all your programs
  • Measure the revenue impact and effectiveness of cross sell and upsell campaigns

Marketo helps you go beyond one-off campaigns to create intelligent conversations that deepen customer relationships over time.

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