Inbound Marketing

Attract Potential Buyers and Convert Them into Customers

Customers are taking control of the buying process by educating themselves on your product and your competitor's product — long before your sales team ever reaches them. In this new world, your job as a marketer is not only to find potential customers; it is also to help them find you. That is Inbound Marketing.

At its core, inbound marketing is about creating interesting, informative, valuable and even entertaining content, optimizing and distributing it across different online channels so it can attract and engage visitors, and then converting those visitors into prospective buyers.

With Marketo's innovative and easy-to-use features for search and inbound marketing, you can:

  • Analyze keyword rankings: Track your rankings and those of your competitors so you can target areas of improvement
  • Recommends web page optimizations Help search engines more effectively crawl and index your site
  • Measure search ROI: Connect search activity to wins and focus your efforts on keywords that drive revenue
  • Easily publish content: Draw buyers to you at each point in the buying cycle with simple WYSIWYG landing page creation
  • Amplify reach and impact: Implement plug-and-play social marketing applications and let your audience spread your message.
  • Personalize the web experience: Track web activity for each visitor and customize web and mobile for each visitor.

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