Jon Miller



Sales Insight

Turn Sales Insight into Action

Filling your pipeline with high-quality leads is a great start. Now you need your sales team to close those leads. Give your sales team full insight into the hottest leads and opportunities with a clear and simple sales dashboard.

Only Marketo has built tailor-made applications for and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Marketo's sales dashboard for is a 100% native application, providing best-in-class integration with your subscription. Get granular activity data from Marketo synced to or Microsoft Dynamics CRM every 5 minutes so sales can act on the most up-to-date information.

Marketo's unique sales insight dashboard includes:

  • Automated Best Bets page that instantly highlights the best leads and opportunities for sales to focus on
  • Easy-to-read Stars and Flames that identify quality and urgency – only Marketo provides both
  • Behavior tracking with Interesting Moments, highlighting key activities that indicate buying interest
  • Ability for sales to turn insight into action by sending emails or entire campaigns directly within or Microsoft Outlook
  • Simple analyzer displayed within the CRM to help sales understand which contacts are contributing to opportunities

Your sales team can spend less time deciding which leads to cold-call and more time closing business. Sales will see first-hand how different marketing efforts directly impact their ability to close more deals – fast. customers have consistently voted Marketo the #1 marketing automation platform.