Jon Miller




Find the Best Customers and Hottest Opportunities

Scoring is a methodology for ranking customers (and potential customers) in terms of their likelihood to exhibit certain behaviors, such as making a new purchase, being open to a cross-sell offer, or not renewing. This is essential for prioritizing time and effort on the most important and valuable opportunities.

Scoring allows you to identify which customers are most interested in you and ready to purchase. And it lets you decide which ones you are interested in and how quickly you want to contact them. Higher scores mean the customer is more engaged -- and more likely to buy.

Marketo allows you to use big data techniques to assign positive and negative scores based on unlimited dimensions including:

  • Demographics (e.g. location, role, industry)
  • Behavior (e.g. visited key web page, opened email, attended an event)
  • Inactivity
  • Product-specific scoring
  • And almost anything else you can imagine!

By tracking your customers’ behaviors and web activity, you can determine their level of interest in you (engagement) in addition to your interest in them (fit and readiness to purchase). Only by combining these factors can you truly focus your resources on the best opportunities.

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