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Landing Pages

Simple Landing Page Creation

You've convinced someone to click on your online ad or email, but will your associated landing page drive them to convert? The best way to increase conversions is to have relevant landing pages. These should be specifically designed for each campaign with a clear call to action.

Our landing page design tool gives you an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface to create professional-looking, effective pages. With no HTML or IT support required, what you see is what you get. You get:

  • WYSIWYG interface to easily create compelling pages, with drag-and-drop forms, social applications, videos and more
  • Professionally designed templates to efficiently reuse content
  • Progressive profiling, e.g. smart forms that recognize known visitors and ask different questions to build out the profile over time
  • Social sign-on capabilities that let users register on landing pages using their social network credentials
  • Automated A/B testing to drive the highest conversions
  • Easy 301 redirects to future-proof your site from broken links as landing pages get moved

With Marketo's unique social marketing capabilities, you can instantly turn a landing page into a Facebook page to increase EdgeRank. And, with our powerful dynamic content capability, Marketo also helps you customize personalize landing pages for specific segments using simple rules and filters. All of the text, images, placements and calls to action can be customized based on any criteria you need — location, industry, job title, and much more. All without complication or compromise.

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