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Reporting & Analytics

Closed-Loop Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Marketo’s Analytics help you to measure and prove marketing ROI, understand your organization's true revenue potential, and optimize your marketing processes by combining sophisticated time-series analytics with Marketo’s ease of use and the flexibility of the cloud.

Our platform gives you the marketing metrics you can’t get elsewhere, on-demand, without requiring hours of spreadsheets and number crunching.

<br><br>Program Analyzer
<br><br>Ad Hoc Reports & Analysis
<br><br>Opportunity Influence Analyzer
<br><br>Revenue Modeler
<br><br>Success Path Analyzer

Never get confused or lost in the data again. Marketo gives you key reports that are useful right out-of-the box and highly configurable when you need a custom view. Subscribe to daily, weekly, or monthly reports to stay on top of your marketing results.