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Get Marketo Certified

Becoming a Marketo Certified Expert can help you distinguish yourself from your community of peers and be more easily found by potential employers. Demand for skilled Marketo users is on the rise and companies want peace of mind they’re hiring candidates with the right skills. Why? It takes less time to get up and running and companies can feel confident they’re getting the most value out of their Marketo investment. If you’re a Marketo customer or partner, getting a Marketo credential today can give your resume and career a boost.

How Individuals Benefit from Marketo Certification:

  • Industry recognition
  • Increased possibility for career advancement
  • Credibility and acknowledgement amongst your peers
  • Identification as a leader in marketing automation and operations
  • Official designation and logo that can be used on business cards and online profiles
  • An electronically delivered certificate
  • Inclusion in an exclusive LinkedIn® group
  • Recognition in the Marketo Community

How Companies Benefit from Marketo Certification:

  • Identify leaders in marketing automation quickly and easily
  • Make more confident hiring decisions
  • Confidently onboard certified experts faster
  • Reduce operational downtime
  • Lower operating costs
  • Streamline all reporting through certified power users
  • More efficient use of Marketo to achieve business objectives
  • Quicker implementation of proven best practices

Who Should Become a Marketo Certified Expert?

The Marketo Certification Program covers foundational Marketo administrator and practitioner functions. Qualified candidates will have significant experience working as a Marketo marketing automation practitioner. You should be able to design marketing assets, manage marketing programs and use reporting to determine program success.

We suggest the following learning and experience:

  • One year of marketing experience
  • Significant hands-on experience with Marketo Marketing Automation
  • Complete the Marketo University Foundation Build Workshop and class exercises
  • Review Marketo tutorials in the Marketo community

Learn more about the Marketo Certification Program.

Download the Certification Roadmap Overview to plan your preparation.

New! Areas of Specialization

Further define your skills with exams focused on distinct areas of specialization within Marketo. Upon passing each exam, you will receive a digital certificate honoring your achievement and identifying your area of expertise.

Register now for the Marketo Analytics Exam. The Marketo Analytics Area of Specialization represents an advanced level of expertise in creating reports, analyzing results, and calling out trends and outliers using the basic reports in Marketing Automation, Analyzers, and Revenue Explorer. It confirms the ability to process quantitative data, understand the relationships between variables, and draw conclusions based on analysis.

Download the Analytics Roadmap document for more information.

Become a Marketo Certified Consultant (MCC)

Marketo Certified Consultant status is a more advanced level of certification. You must first gain Marketo Certified Expert status before pursuing the Marketo Certified Consultant certification. Marketo Certified Consultants are revered as experienced business leaders who possess advanced knowledge of the Marketo Marketing Automation solution including the implementation, operation and analysis of complex marketing automation programs and processes. As a result, MCC’s must pass ALL Specialization Exams to gain Certified Consultant status. In addition, you must attend the Marketo Partner Strategy Workshop and complete the Strategy Case Study Homework.

Looking for a Marketo Certified Consultant for your business? To partner with a Marketo Certified Consultant, please visit our partner directory, Marketo Launchpoint.

Register for Your Exam

Marketo is proud to announce that certification and specialization exams are now deployed and proctored by Kryterion Online Secure Testing. This allows you to take exams on your schedule, the way you prefer. The convenient online platform lets you register for exams up to 72 hours prior to taking your test. Pick any date and time to complete your exam that suits you.

Choose to take your exam online via remote proctoring or in one of our worldwide testing centers. Regardless of your preference, all exams are delivered in a safe and secure environment. This helps to ensure the validity of the tests we administer and increases the overall value of your certification in the marketplace. Register now!

Please take a peek at the certification program agreement. You will be asked to accept these terms when registering for your exam.