The Era of Engagement Marketing

The Marketo Engagement Marketing Platform

The quest of every organization is the same: to rapidly acquire customers, grow their lifetime value, and convert them into loyal advocates – who, in turn, influence new customers. But in today’s digital world, your customers have extraordinary access to information, well before they choose to interact with you. They’re bombarded with nearly 3,000 marketing messages every single day – on mobile, on social, and often by your competition. And they’re being influenced by other advocates at each step of their journey. In this customer driven world, it’s now up to marketers – more than any other function - to lead and shepherd their customer journeys.

Marketers who win are shifting away from mass marketing and transactional marketing. They are shifting from talking at people to engaging with them in a meaningful way at each stage of the journey. This means that the key to success for marketers in this rapidly evolving digital world is one thing: engagement.

Welcome to the era of engagement marketing

Build life-long and personal relationships with your customers

Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform

Built from the ground up, Marketo's Engagement Marketing Platform provides everything marketers need to succeed in this new era of engagement marketing.
The Engagement Marketing Platform's capabilities include:

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Marketing Automation

Enterprise-level power and flexibility that empowers marketers to quickly launch targeted campaigns with lead-scoring, lead-nurturing and advanced workflow automation.

Cross-channel Engagement

Built-in capability to engage people continuously across channels including email, web, mobile, events, direct mail, and social media.


Powerful features to drive real-time interactions with targeted individuals through dynamically generated, personalized communications across email, web, ads and mobile channels.

Social Marketing

Truly integrated social marketing capabilities, including sweepstakes and referral campaigns, social polls, social media publishing, intelligent social sharing, analytics, and more.

Marketing Analytics

Advanced analytics to help companies measure and maximize the ROI of programs across channels, and amplify the impact of marketing in revenue generation.

Marketing Management

Unified marketing calendar that fuses campaign planning and execution in one place, helping marketing teams coordinate better, move faster, and get better results than ever before.

Marketing Ecosystem

Open platform that seamlessly connects with hundreds of our LaunchPoint partners providing you the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.


Robust integrations with the industry’s leading CRM, ERP, E-commerce and other key data sources that provide actionable insight to both your sales and marketing teams.

A Marketing System of Record

A single source of truth to understand and track customer behavior, affinity and context across all channels.

Check out how companies are using Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform to build lifelong customer relationships:

Palace logo

“We needed a solution to help us build relationships over time and offer season tickets when appropriate. With Marketo's platform, we can understand who our contacts are and what they like, so we can make the best offer at the right time and drive deeper engagement, creating customers for life.”

- Charlie Metzger
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Panasonic logo emp

“Engagement must be tailored to where the customer is in their journey. Marketo helps us find the right prospects and nurture them into customers. Once they have become customers, we listen to their needs and use the engagement platform to show them additional ways that Panasonic can help.”

- Stephen Yeo
Marketing Director

GE logo“We’ve banned use of the term ‘demand generation’ because it implies that Marketing’s job is limited to identifying potential customers, when really they should be focused on continuous customer engagement in order to build personalized and enduring relationships, and Marketo helps us do just that -- at GE scale.”

- Stephanie Meyer
Head of Marketing Operations at GE Healthcare

myfitnesspal“Consistently sharing relevant content is a key component of our mission, but it can be infinitely challenging when you have tens of millions of users across multiple channels. Marketo gave us the ability to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.”

- Tara-Nicholle Nelson
Vice President of Marketing

Christiana Care

“By engaging and listening to what was important to our patients, we were able to provide educational outreach personalized to their specific health needs. This boosted our educational spend ROI to 3,000%, but more importantly improved the health of our patients.”

- Christopher Johansen
Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Citrix“A centralized, global platform like Marketo provides Citrix with a leveraged investment that dramatically reduces the time and resources spent with third parties to set up and execute marketing programs. The result has been lower costs and a substantially higher marketing ROI.”

- Eva Tsai
Director of Marketing Operations