Customer Engagement Platform

The Most Advanced Platform for Customer Engagement

Recent trends — the rise of the empowered, digital buyer; the proliferation of new marketing channels including social media; the rise of new platforms such as cloud computing and mobility; and the emergence of new analytic methods driven by big data — are driving deep changes in how companies market to and engage with customers.

This is creating the need for a new kind of platform, one designed around the specific needs of the marketing department.  The new platform needs to allow marketers to:

  • UNDERSTAND: Track consumer behaviors, affinity, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel in a single data repository
  • ORCHESTRATE: Design & coordinate engaging customer experiences to take each customer on a personal journey over time to drive desired outcomes
  • PERSONALIZE: Deliver relevant and personalized content and messages across channels and devices
  • MANAGE: Plan the marketing calendar, coordinate content, track investments, and tie the marketing budget directly to results
  • OPTIMIZE: Measure and maximize marketing ROI across channels
  • LEARN: Get guidance, best practices, knowledge and help to succeed.

Our cloud-based customer engagement platform is purpose-built for marketers, by marketers, to enable organizations ranging from SMBs to the world’s largest enterprises to orchestrate and optimize customer experiences.


Marketing System of Record

For each Marketo customer organization, our platform stores and maintains an individual, secure and trusted database with information about each prospect and customer, including context and online and offline behaviors. It serves as the marketing system of record for all interactions between customers and prospects with an organization’s marketing, sales and transactional systems.


“The Brain”

Our platform is built around a robust, yet easy-to-use, environment for the creation, management and automation of complex marketing campaigns and processes across online and offline channels. This enables organizations to script and manage streams of customer interactions and engage in personalized, interactive dialogs with their prospects and customers, and thereby build deep relationships over the entire customer lifecycle.



Our platform was designed to leverage a very large volume of data and advanced analytics to help our customers pose and answer sophisticated business questions, particularly those that involve trends and changes over time. Examples include: identifying and predicting patterns of customer behavior; choosing personalized marketing messages and offers for each prospect and customer; allocating marketing resources among different channels, programs, and initiatives; and using multi-touch attribution to measure and prove the impact, effectiveness and revenue generation results of their various marketing and sales activities.


Extensible Architecture and Integration

Our platform is designed to be an extensible hub, bringing together our applications with a growing number of third-party application providers in our LaunchPoint partner network, the largest and most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions. Further, our platform includes interfaces for data exchange with other enterprise systems and applications, including integration with business applications such as ERP, e-commerce, call center and CRM; DMP and audience information; and other marketing products such as event management and data augmentation solutions.


Scalability and Security

At Marketo, security, integrity, and the availability of our customers' data is a top priority. Our platform uses big data techniques to scale to support databases with tens of millions of customer and prospect records, and a billion or more individual data points about their behaviors. Our multi-tenant platform runs on an enterprise-class infrastructure in top tier, global data centers with guaranteed 99.9% up-time.  Marketo has been issued an SSAE 16 Type II report and is Safe Harbor certified.