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The world’s top digital agencies are standardizing on Marketo to provide their clients with the industry’s leading marketing platform as a managed service. Combined with your expertise in strategy, creative and execution--we have a winning combination. Build a large recurring revenue stream by bundling Marketo’s marketing platform with your services.

Services powered by Marketo marketing automation are “stickier” because targeted marketing leveraging demographic and behavioral data drives better results. Leverage your industry knowledge and best practices. Expand your expertise in lead nurturing, social strategies and content marketing. It’s all managed in Marketo, so you can deliver more effective programs and drive value for new clients quickly.

Agency Partner Resources:

Agencies:  Sample Marketing Automation Service Offerings Graduating From Email Marketing to Marketing Automation Technology and the evolution of the marketing agency

Here are a few of the ways our agency partners have used Marketo to expand their services:

  • Improve Existing Digital Marketing Services: Move beyond the “email blast” to lead nurturing programs; make social a part of every campaign and deliver the content buyers want when they want it.
  • Maximize Website Launch Results: Don’t let leads from a new website whither on the vine. Take a website launch effort all the way – manage leads through the funnel to revenue and then prove it using Marketo reporting.
  • Optimize Outsourced Sales Programs: Increase sales team effectiveness by focusing their time on sales-ready leads nurtured with relevant content and prioritized with your custom lead scoring.

Key Advantages of Marketo’s Agency Managed Service Program:

  • Agency Owned Relationship: You own the client, structure the deal and close it! We know your relationships are the lifeblood of your business.
  • Capacity Based Pricing: Our Agency model is designed to help you grow revenue and benefit from economies of scale as your business grows.
  • Flexible Business Model: Agency licensing allows you to transfer licenses from one client to another as projects begin or end.
  • Training & Certification: Training and certification program to make agency team members Marketo Certified Experts.
  • Guidance & Collateral: Benefit from our experience working with agencies of all shapes and sizes; white-labeled marketing automation collateral helps you promote your new services quickly.

Learn how to help your clients

  • Prepare for and adopt marketing automation
  • Understand what is holding back their email marketing results
  • Graduate from email marketing to increase effectiveness

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