Social Media Strategy Template


You need a social media strategy template. Here are a five fundamentals that you'll need to include:

1) Get stakeholder buy-in.
Your executive team needs to believe in the cause, and they need to evangelize it throughout your organization. Participation from social media needs to come from the top down, so it is important that your executives are on board and ready to participate themselves.

2) Create a social media policy.
Determine how you want your employees to participate in social media. At Marketo, we created a Social Media Policy document that outlines what social networks to participate in, how often, and what the ground rules are. Don't assume that your employees will know how to participate, so that is why a comprehensive guide will do wonders. Make it easily available to all staff through your company Wiki, HR sites, or even develop your own social media microsite.

3) Show them how they benefit.
Show your teams what is in it for them. Here are some things you might want to call out:

  • Personal branding: Get your name out there!
  • Building relationships with sales leads
  • Building customer relationships
  • Helping your company's image as a thought leader

4) Training, training, training.
At Marketo, we created Social Media Month, which consisted of weekly workshops on social networks, participation rules, blogging tips, LinkedIn optimization for SEO, and social media photo day! We also did a series of blog posts: Go On Get Your Blog On, and Utilizing LinkedIn to Improve SEO and Organic Visibility. By providing a structured format for learning about social networks, your employees can be both well-informed and ready to be social!

5) Appoint an internal social media lead.
Your employees will have questions, and you want to make sure that they have a go-to person who can answer all of them. By assigning one person as the social media spokesperson, you will be able to monitor and further promote employee participation. That person will be the lead in developing additional training, social media events, and curating contributed content.

Now that you're ready to create a new social media strategy template, how about creating a full Social Media Strategy? Check out our updated 2012 Social Media Template to get more tips on how to create your complete social media plan.

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