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Our solutions automate lead generation and lead nurturing processes over multiple channels, beginning with pay-per-click search marketing and landing page optimization.

Nearly three-fourths of companies that outsource their pay-per-click search marketing to agencies are dissatisfied with their results, and only 21 percent are completely satisfied, according to a Jupiter Research published late last year. 

Marketing studies have shown that 93% of B2B buyers begin their buying process using the Internet. When examining your website's effectiveness, take into consideration the all important landing page. A high quality page not only ranks higher in the search engines but it also can earn more exposure in your pay-per-click campaigns and reduce your cost per click.

While the goal of search marketing is to generate leads, it is not good enough to take prospects to a generic home page when they click an ad. With less than a 2% conversion rate , it's like throwing away 98% of your search budget. Instead, search marketers must focus on conversion optimization through targeted landing pages as much as traffic generation. In fact, companies that have optimized landing pages targeted to specific search terms can increase conversions by 400% or more.

To learn more about pay per click marketing, check out The Inbound Marketers Guide to SEO and PPC.

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