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So many companies invest a great deal in online lead generation and lead nurturing activities, and then completely drop the ball because there's no mechanism to differentiate between where prospects are in the sales cycle. While follow-up is crucial, the how and when are even more so. 

The best marketing programs have intentional measurement strategies planned in advance. So as part of the planning process ask yourself these questions: What will you measure? When will you measure? How will you measure? 

Lead nurturing also increases lead to opportunity conversion rate, drives more revenue, and shortens the sales cycle. It is about finding the right buyers at the right time. Lead generation brings buyers into the funnel, but lead nurturing and scoring sends them to sales so that your sales team can close the deal at the right time. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa's Lead Generation Benchmark Report, companies who leverage lead nurturing see a 45% lift in lead generation over those companies who do not use lead nurturing.

In today's B2B setting, the complex sale is becoming a norm. Although it is difficult to maintain a reliable bank of qualified leads in your pipeline, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale provides you with vital strategies to help you instantly hasten company growth, improve sales performance and gain new customers. In this B2B marketing and sales book, Brian Carroll leads you through with a step-by-step approach to get your company's lead generation on the right track.

In a world where buyers use the web, search and social media to take control of their buying process, companies meet prospective customers earlier in the buying cycle. As a result, the old model where marketing generates a lead and sends it over to sales doesn't work anymore. Instead, the best marketers are finding ways to bridge the gap between the day marketing first generates a lead and the day that lead is ready for sales. Marketo lead generation software helps marketers to convert traffic and inquiries into leads and measure the quality of evolving leads.

To learn more about lead genreation, also see Marketo's Lead Generation Success Center.

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