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Use Marketo to Generate Leads for Sales

In a world where buyers use the web, search, and social media to take control of their buying process, companies meet prospective customers earlier in the buying cycle. As a result, the old model of lead generation for sales (marketing generates a lead and throws it over the wall to sales) doesn't work anymore. Instead, the best marketers are finding ways to bridge the gap between the first day of lead generation and the day that lead is ready for sales. Marketo lead generation software helps marketers to:

  • Convert online traffic into leads using dynamic landing pages and progressive forms
  • Measure evolving lead quality with automated lead scoring based on multiple dimensions
  • Develop raw inquiries into sales-ready leads via relevant, personalized lead nurturing campaigns
  • Better integrate marketing with sales in a holistic, unified process

With Marketo you can automatically qualify more prospects and quickly develop them into sales-ready leads as part of the overall lead generation process for sales.

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