Internet Marketing Secrets

The Value of Content Marketing

Watch a video tour and get a look behind the curtain of this powerful and easy to use marketing platform.

Need some Internet marketing secrets?

Content marketing is the link between awareness and lead generation. When you create quality content that really helps your customers and potential customers, your company gains attention, trust, and a lever to make your other marketing investments, such as email marketing and social marketing, more effective.

With the content marketing capabilities of Marketo Lead Management, you can take advantage of these Internet marketing secrets:

  • Upload, store and manage files in the cloud without requiring IT assistance including images, PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, audio, and more
  • Track the documents viewed by each prospect and send real-time notifications to sales when key assets are viewed
  • Segment leads based on which content is downloaded, and score leads based on the content reviewed

Marketo helps you to create, optimize and distribute content across different online channels so it can be found by and engage prospective buyers.