Gaining a Competitive Edge with Content Marketing

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising [Infographic]

Can content marketing help in the B2B world? Consider:

  • About one-third of all commercial Google searches are B2B in nature.
  • More than 50% of Google's target advertisers are B2B.
  • Almost 38% of Yahoo's target advertisers are B2B.

Modern B2B marketers need to harness SEO in order to succeed. Not putting SEO and social media to work for your brand is a mistake. Maintaining an industry presence on the social web that delivers value — such as good content on a blog — sets up your organization as a referential brand. What does it mean to be referential online? It means consistently attracting organic, healthy links, the lifeblood of the search engines.

There is a new infographic on our B2B Marketing blog that demonstrates how content marketing competes with traditional advertising, the advantages of content marketing, which types of brands are using it (and how much they're spending on it), which strategies are the most popular, and which hurdles content marketers are facing now.

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