ROI Calculator
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Marketing Automation ROI Calculator

Optimizing the marketing and sales funnel can have a measureable impact on top-line revenue. Use this calculator, based on Marketo standards, to calculate and optimize your Revenue Cycle.

The Marketo Revenue Cycle methodology is used to make these calculations; it divides the marketing and sales process into the following main stages:

  • All names to prospect
  • Prospect to MQL
  • MQL to SAL
  • SAL to SQL
  • SQL to Customer


Replace the Values Below or Use the Industry-Standard Benchmarks Provided.

This number should be the additional revenue driven by marketing and sales activity

If your calculations are based on a number of products or services, use a blended selling price

Common breakdown of marketing responsibility percentage by employee count:

<10 employees: 22%
11-100 employees: 39%
101-1,000 employees: 26%
1,001+ employees: 12%

Win rates are impacted by many factors including sales skill set, competition, and current economic conditions. Marketers must track win rates to evaluate marketing activity ROI and to develop tools that sales needs to operate more effectively.

Common breakdown based off of Opportunity to Close rate by employee count:

<10: 22%
11-100: 27%
101-1,500: 26%
1,5001+: 18%

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): A lead that has turned into an opportunity after it has been tagged as “pipeline quality” by the organization.

Common breakdown of SQL conversion rates by employee count:

  • <10: 26%
  • 11-100: 26%
  • 101-1,500: 27%
  • 1,501+: 19%

Sales Accepted Lead (SAL): A lead that has been formally accepted by the sales team as one that meets the mutually agreed upon definition of a qualified lead.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): A prospect that is deemed ready for handoff to sales. You can think of this as your total addressable market. Only a small fraction of the early inquiries are actually ready for sales engagement. Determining sales readiness usually requires additional interaction via phone to better evaluate standard criteria like budget, authority, need, and timeline (BANT).

Common breakdown of MQL conversion rates based on employee count:

  • <10: 23%
  • 11-100: 24%
  • 101-1,500: 28%
  • 1,501+: 23%

Average Marketing Campaign Response rate is the measurement how many unique names are generated by an outbound marketing campaign. A response or an inquiry can include email click-throughs, event registrations, an asset download, or a phone call.