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Non-Profit Donations

Help Us Help Non-Profits with the Gift of Marketo!

Marketo is proud to support selected non-profit organizations with our Product Donation Program. Through this program, we plan to provide Marketo Lead Management to 12 (twelve) non-profits each year, and we are looking to our most valued customers to recommend these organizations to us for consideration. We are interested in supporting organizations that are important to you, so nominate today!

Specifically, we are asking you to nominate an organization that meets the following criteria:

  • Must be a recognized 501(c)(3) organization with an operating budget of less than $2 million in the current fiscal year
  • Must be nominated by a Marketo customer, and the nominated nonprofit must have an existing relationship with the Marketo customer – a vendor, board member, employee volunteer, etc
  • Use (not Group Edition) or intend to use Marketo Lead Management as a stand-alone platform
  • Have a non-political primary purpose and a non-discrimination policy
  • Not be a sectarian or denominational religious organization, such as a church, missionary group or fund, whose activities primarily benefit members or adherents, unless funds are being sought for purposes that will benefit the broader community
  • Must not receive any goods or services from the nominating company, employees or family members of employees in exchange for the nomination and/or the donation

Additionally, to be eligible for the product donation, you as the Sponsor must assume primary responsibility for the training, usage and adoption of the Marketo product by the nominated non-profit. Only Marketo customers are eligible to be Sponsors.

Once an organization is accepted, we plan to renew the donation each year unless circumstances on either side necessitate termination.

If you have an organization that you would like to nominate, please complete the application and send it to